Ugandan Community in S.Korea
Investment opportunities in Uganda

Uganda is a country blessed with natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, cooper deposits, gold, rivers and lake, many national parks.

Uganda: History, people and culture

Located in the continent of Africa, Uganda is located in the East African Region, its neighboring Kenya in the East, Sudan in the North, Tanzania in the South, Congo (DRC) in the West;

Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is the ultimate tourism destination, providing travelers with a window into the heart of Africa. But this is not all that the destination has to offer, Uganda is actually called the pearl of Africa because of the beauty it has to offer.

Our support

The Uganda Community in South Korea is a non-profit-making organization aimed at promoting brotherhood between all Ugandans living in South Korea hence improving their standards of living.


The UCK is an essential connecting point for our immigrant community to ask questions, have documents translated, get help and advice on housing, living, working and studying in the Republic of Korea. Whether you are Ugandan by birth, marriage or association, we welcome you, and look forward to growing together as a community.

We help our members during emergency, come together in times of need, help families through legal issues, find work, improve their Korea speaking ability through our network, and connect our members to new opportunities.  We give our members time to be heard and understood.  We also provide volunteer opportunities that bring people together across cultures to build a more cohesive community.

The UCISK was founded in 2010 for the purpose of promoting goodwill, harmony, confidence and cooperation amongst Ugandans living and working in South Korea. The purpose of this organization is to promote brotherhood, celebrates diversity and togetherness. Our community is an inclusive home away from home for all Ugandans in South Korea and their families.

Today, the UCISK provides opportunities for professional development. We recognize the need to evolve and change as we strive to provide members with learning opportunities, development and business opportunities. Our Association meetings are held every end of the month in different places around Korea, but to keep up to date with the events and meetings, we encourage you to follow us on twitter, like our facebook page, join facebook group and also to join our whatssap chat room, and remember to participate in the meeting round tables, workshops, and presentations with guest expert speakers.

The UCK is a committed organization in providing a professional forum for our members to learn and share ideas and common concerns.

Our objectives:

  • Promoting and fostering unity among all Ugandans residing in South Korea without discrimination as well as acting as a support group for all our members.
  • Fostering good relationship between Ugandans, other Africans and the wider Korean community.
  • Fostering cooperation and understanding between the Ugandan and Korean governments.
  • Encouraging all Ugandan to participate in and/or contribute to the task of nation building both in Uganda and South Korea.
  • Promoting our beautiful culture and our tourism back home.

Our mission is to empower our members to thrive; creating opportunities for advancement and building bridges that unite and strengthen us all. We envision a cohesive and diverse community where all people are valued and empowered to participate and contribute to the health and prosperity.

Our Story
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

The 4th Ugandan Convention in Korea will be held in October 2018. Book your ticket early to avoid buying an expensive one at the door. 
Theme "Oportunities at home for the Diapora Ugandans" Come and invest. There will be presentation on the Ugandan economy, and South Korea economy. Lots of drinks, food and dances @ Seoul International Hotel. Be there!

Guest Speakers:
Members of Parliament
Foreign ministry officals
Korea Business Community
Uganda Business community
Senior Government officials

Community News
Community News

If you have an issue, concern, problem, or happy thing to share - communicate and share it with our members. Discuss your issues, share your joys. We want to help you, and we want to celebrate with you. If you have a problem with a workmate, a member of UCISK addresses it. Don't let it fester.

UCISK is here to be supportive and to learn and grow together. Be an adult, and communicate with each other. Tell other you’re or they're doing a good job - work together, and talk to each other. Not only will this help the community grow, it will help your communication skills grow as well.

Success Stories
Success Stories

I want to thank the UCISK and friends for all the help accorded to me during my studies at Korea University Business School (KUBS). Many thanks to the Ministry of Education of Korea- NIIED for the Scholarship and financial support. I would keep the promises with NIIED as when I applied for the scholarship, being a valuable person and promoting mutual friendship between South Korea and Uganda.


Edgar Gallas 
Mbarara, Uganda. 

Life and style
Life and style


We appreciate your honest review about UCISK activities.


Thank you for supporting all Ugandans in Korea.
Vasily Sobolev
Vasily Sobolev
Dear Ugandans,
I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the Ugandans Community in South Korea (UCISK) for the kindness, and the generous support accorded to me during my illness in South Korea. My special words of appreciation goes to Aliona Mary, you are truly a wonderful person. God bless you, God Bless UCISK.


Hassan Kateregga
Kampala, Uganda
Kateregga Hassan
Kateregga Hassan
Hello Fellow Ugandans,
It is a privilege to part of this great Ugandan Community in South Korea. It makes me feel as if I am at home in Kampala, Uganda. The information and guidance you provide is exactly what is needed to stay safe and successful in South Korea. Blessings,

Dennis Mujambere,
MA. Candidate,Chongshin University,
South Korea.
Dennis Mujambere
Dennis Mujambere
Ivan Smirnov
Ivan Smirnov
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6Ho, B01 Usadan-Ro, Yongsan, Yongsa-Gu, SEOUL KOREA