Ugandan Community in S.Korea


UCISK is a democratic organization and non-partsan; this means it is non political, more transparent, democratic and does not allow candidates to run on the basis of their part affiliation; it also means that its members elect the people that speak and make decisions on their behalf and not on the basis of any political party organization.

These elected representatives make up the Executive Members Council, there are currently 12 people on the council of UCISK, these people are accountable to the General Assembly where all the association members make key decision. 

There is an election council, a body charged with overseeing the implementation of election procedures; this council is an independent organ of the association. The election council is headed by the Chairman, and has four Commisioners and thus make the Election Commission. The election commission has a sole duty to perform election related activities in an orderly and very transparent manner. For election related problems, Election Commission is solely responsible.

All members of the assocition can run for any position, members of the executive can serve for 2years (2term). Over the next few years, members of the association will have to vote via online; this will enable our members who are not in South Korea to vote online. Our IT department are working on that to ensure the process is in place, and is more transparent without being manupulated. 


                                         File photo: 2017 election


Our address:
6Ho, B01 Usadan-Ro, Yongsan, Yongsa-Gu, SEOUL KOREA