Ugandan Community in S.Korea

Benefits of members

There are lots of benefits to being a member UCISK; you feel more secure when you know you have people around who can care about you in times of need than being out there without anyone around to talk to, share an idea or ask a question or even share a drink. We believe UCISK is an awesome place full of incredible individuals. So, if you have been thinking of joining us, you may be wondering why it would benefit you to join us. Along the same lines, how can you, as an individual, be the best team player possible to build a strong community? Well, it's fun to be around people who enjoy the same things as you. Even if you're not at the same pace, you have the same interests. You can talk about sports or fashion or technology and not be weird. If you are new to Korea, this place can be boring, stressful and tuff; but being around people who have lived here long than you, can provide insight and advice regarding anything you may need.


UCISK members have access to any information in South Korea with practical knowledge and insights from members in the field who have stayed in Korea for quite long time. We provide information, resources and education programs to help you keep current on the latest news, laws and issues in the community, whether you are looking for housing, renting a car, opening a bank account, need a phone, translating document, need a lawyer we support you with the relevant information you need.

As a member, you'll also get a membership to your local chapter network so that you don't feel lonely, whether you need a job, you easily get connected. In addition, you get access to our networking events every year, providing the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other businesses professional, students and potential contacts for future needs. Being a member, you get access events organized by the local experts and resources to attending business forum and educational workshops organised by Seoul Global center.

The UCISK provides several advertising opportunities allowing our members who own business to grow, while expanding the community’s awareness of your business in and around the area. We help our members who are doing business to expand their market footprint with a strong social media campaign, print advertising, and a variety of other mediums in an effort to help members marketing efforts in our community. Join us and be part of the community working for the bennefit of all our people. We are strong together.

Our support does include:

  1. Encourage developmental relationships between Ugandans in South Korea
  2. Fully promote Ugandan and Korean culture
  3. Promote networks between Ugandans and other nationalities in south Korea
  4. We also extend our hand in helping those in need by participating in charitable activities
  5. Support some non-privileged Ugandans back home to enhance their standards of living through providing basic house hold needs.
  6. We also engage in supporting the sick here in South Korea and those who have lost their loved ones to comfort them as a sign of brotherhood.
  7. Aid those who choose to go back home without travel documents by processing them the necessary documents needed to facilitate their journey back home.

With all this, we have at least managed to improve the standard of living of Ugandans living in South Korea and our members who go back to Uganda.

Our address:
6Ho, B01 Usadan-Ro, Yongsan, Yongsa-Gu, SEOUL KOREA