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Dear Ugandans and friends of Uganda,

It is a great honor to welcome you all to the website of the Ugandan Community in South Korea, where you will find useful and important information that may be helpful to you. The Ugandan community in South Korea is an umbrella organization that bring all Ugandans, living, studying, working and intending to live in South Korea.

Uganda and the Republic of Korea have followed very similar historical trajectories, despite the geographical distance between them. Our two nations have ancient roots, sharing singularly the culture of peace today, but having both experienced the horrors of colonial occupation, wars, dictatorship; they have however successfully conducted the battle for economic development.

I encourage all Ugandans coming or staying in Korea to get to know about our association, what we do, what we can offer for you, and please take a note of our contact details so that you may contact us quickly if and when the need arises. I would like to assure all Ugandans in the Republic of Korea of my personal commitment and that of the team.

This website covers the current and most important events of Ugandans in the Republic of Korea, as well as the news related to the Uganda-Korea bilateral relations. It also provides the information necessary for all those wishing to study in Korea, learn about business and investment opportunities available in Uganda and Korea, and to know more about tourist destinations in Uganda.

But in order to provide you with useful and timely information, we would be grateful to receive your suggestions to improve our website and our community, feel free to reach us by email or by phone.

Lastly, I encourage you to register and tell your friends to register and be part of the association so that we can build a strong community and advance the interests of Ugandans working and studying in Korea.

I hope you find the website very helpful to you.


Kaziro Paul
Chairman Ugandan community in South Korea (UCISK)

Our address:
6Ho, B01 Usadan-Ro, Yongsan, Yongsa-Gu, SEOUL KOREA